Welcome & What To Expect

I read online that blogging is the perfect platform to express yourself; my own forum to post whatever I want. But I never truly understood what that meant until I began noticing that I had things I wanted to share but no where to share them. Social media can be great for networking, but I feel like people don’t take you seriously. With an Instagram feed full of selfies, I feel strange posting a fashion editorial that I was actually quite proud of. A couple of likes later and then what? It just gets lost in an influx of photos never to be seen again.

My interest in Art started at a young age, during my school years I would spend endless hours on Flickr, admiring the images of Brooke Shaden and Rosie Hardy, which would soon spark my love for fashion and editorial photography. Using myself as the subject I would take my camera out and experiment with all sorts of settings, filters and ideas. I became addicted to sharing my work online and had built a small following on Flickr which continued to drive my interest. When it came time to decide what I wanted to study at University I only had one thing in mind. Three years on and unfortunately that spark isn’t what it used to be. When my focus shifted and it became classified as ‘work’ it took the fun out and I developed an anxiety towards it. We would be presented with new briefs and expected to shoot several times a week, but the excitement to get out there and shoot was gone. Now I’ve left University a few months ago and there’s no more obligation to produce work, and suddenly I miss it.

With an exciting couple of months ahead working abroad, I’m worried I might lose touch with my artistic side. I am excited to pick up my camera again and photograph the things that inspire me most. What I hope this blog will bring me is a platform to share content that I am proud of and reflects who I am as a photographer and as a creative.

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