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Latest Additions (And Why You Should Stop Shopping)

Throughout highschool I was a ridiculous shopper. Every year I would find an excuse to buy an entirely new wardrobe. I would be drawn to Forever 21 and fill my basket with trend pieces that everyone was buying. I struggled to resist buying something that caught my eye so I just ended up with it all. Volume was definitely more important than quality. Why buy 1 when you can have 10? It wasn’t until I moved out and had to squeeze 5 years of a ...

White Noise Editorial

For my first editorial since the launch of my new website I wanted to strip everything back and keep things simple, but still giving a sense of who I am as a photographer and what drives me artistically. I would say there are a few defining elements to my work that identify who I am as a creative and the aesthetic that I typically go for. Clean (but not necessarily minimal) Personally I don’t like a lot of clutter in my images so I tend to ...

Michelle Tirronen Photography

09/02/16 My first shoot of the year was something a bit different to anything I had done before but I was pleasantly surprised and found it quite relaxing. Michelle Tirronen, originally from sunny California but now resides in rainy Cornwall, had asked me to model for her series of photographs based on skin conditions. The images themselves were going to be quite intimate, with flesh-coloured lingerie, and I was to contort my body in strange ...