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Latest Additions (And Why You Should Stop Shopping)

Throughout highschool I was a ridiculous shopper. Every year I would find an excuse to buy an entirely new wardrobe. I would be drawn to Forever 21 and fill my basket with trend pieces that everyone was buying. I struggled to resist buying something that caught my eye so I just ended up with it all. Volume was definitely more important than quality. Why buy 1 when you can have 10? It wasn’t until I moved out and had to squeeze 5 years of a ...
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Hello 2017 + Zaful Review

Who’s ready for a fresh start in 2017? I find New Years is always an exciting time. The older I get, the more I appreciate change and I look forward to having a fresh start. I don’t necessarily set myself resolutions, but I do like to have several projects to focus on. It’s hard to think a year ago I was getting ready to submit my 8,000 word dissertation on the evolution and psychology behind the American Vogue covers. I can’t believe ...

Tom Lane Lookbook 2015

With a love for the outdoors, Tom Lane is inspired by a sense of adventure and embraces truly british, hand crafted products. They create high quality pieces putting emphasis on durability and high performance. When their new collection launched earlier this year I was only originally meant to be assisting, but after the model cancelled I was asked to step in last minute. Photographer Olivia Bossert took us to Durgan beach on the Cornish ...