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5 Ways To Finding Home In A New City

Finding your way in a new city is definitely far from easy. It’s overwhelming moving to foreign grounds where you don’t know the city or anyone in it. Especially coming from such a small town like I did, it’s easy to feel lost when there is so much going on around you and accepting that it’s impossible to see it all. But I think that’s the thrill of it. The excitement for all the endless possibilities and places to explore keeps me going. I ...

Open 24/7 Editorial

Life has been 24/7 since touching down in Barcelona just over two weeks ago. Finally I have a second to sit down and catch up on everything. It’s been an incredibly exciting month so far. I moved into my first apartment ever, right in the centre of Barcelona, and I’m slowly adjusting to living solo. I enjoy having the freedom to do what I want and I am much more productive when there are no distractions around. I’m also ...