Emma Hughes


City Life Editorial

Barcelona is spoilt with architecture, history and culture, but whilst these are all reasons that brought me here, I never thought they would actually have a negative effect on my work. In fact I thought the city would open up so many possibilities for my photography! Instead I’m actually finding it quite limiting. I underestimated that as one of the most popular holiday destinations, it can be highly touristy and over crowded. The Gaudi ...

How To Take The Best Self Portrait

Over the weekend, a close friend of mine (and an exceptionally talented photographer) approached me about how I take self portraits because she was looking to take some of her own. I was flattered she had asked me but I was mostly surprised because I never really thought it was anything unique. In fact it was self portraits that sparked my interest in photography initially. Up until the age of 18 I had pretty much only taken photos of ...

Eliza Bourner Photography

Eliza Bourner, a Fashion Photography graduate from Falmouth University, shot this editorial based on the transitory period from being a girl to becoming a woman. Garish floral wallpaper and the grainy film-like texture takes you back to the wonder years of the 70’s. Check out most of Eliza’s work on her website. 12/01/15