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Fall Look And My Gamiss Wishlist

With 15 degrees in Berlin – fall has well and truly arrived! Gamiss invited me to check out some of there latest fall pieces and I decided to put together a selection of my favourites. Enjoy! Dusty Rose Jumper with Frills First on my wishlist is this beautiful dusty pink jumper. You can never go wrong with jeans and a sweater, but I love to things with interesting details and shape. White Mock Neck Sweater with Stripe If you’re ...

Latest Additions (And Why You Should Stop Shopping)

Throughout highschool I was a ridiculous shopper. Every year I would find an excuse to buy an entirely new wardrobe. I would be drawn to Forever 21 and fill my basket with trend pieces that everyone was buying. I struggled to resist buying something that caught my eye so I just ended up with it all. Volume was definitely more important than quality. Why buy 1 when you can have 10? It wasn’t until I moved out and had to squeeze 5 years of a ...
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First Snow Fall

I always find the first snow fall of the year really exciting. Though I am definitely more of a summer person, it’s the small things that make winter a little more bearable. The food, the hot chocolate, the fashion… But when the temperatures start to drop below 0, the thought of wrapping up in fifty layers definitely starts to loose its appeal. But really nothing compares to looking out your window one morning to find your overgrown garden ...