Emma Hughes


Fall Look And My Gamiss Wishlist

With 15 degrees in Berlin – fall has well and truly arrived! Gamiss invited me to check out some of there latest fall pieces and I decided to put together a selection of my favourites. Enjoy! Dusty Rose Jumper with Frills First on my wishlist is this beautiful dusty pink jumper. You can never go wrong with jeans and a sweater, but I love to things with interesting details and shape. White Mock Neck Sweater with Stripe If you’re ...

5 Ways To Finding Home In A New City

Finding your way in a new city is definitely far from easy. It’s overwhelming moving to foreign grounds where you don’t know the city or anyone in it. Especially coming from such a small town like I did, it’s easy to feel lost when there is so much going on around you and accepting that it’s impossible to see it all. But I think that’s the thrill of it. The excitement for all the endless possibilities and places to explore keeps me going. I ...

Latest Additions (And Why You Should Stop Shopping)

Throughout highschool I was a ridiculous shopper. Every year I would find an excuse to buy an entirely new wardrobe. I would be drawn to Forever 21 and fill my basket with trend pieces that everyone was buying. I struggled to resist buying something that caught my eye so I just ended up with it all. Volume was definitely more important than quality. Why buy 1 when you can have 10? It wasn’t until I moved out and had to squeeze 5 years of a ...